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Lubbock Children Photographer

I’m so excited to share this fun cousin photoshoot with everyone! I had a blast getting to know these sweet kids, and their fun personalities. There was not a dull moment around this crazy group of kids! I loved every minute of it! I made a little trek out to Lazbuddie to this beautiful location perfect for fall photos. Their moms had coordinated the outfits perfectly!

Lubbock Children Photographer_0001Meet Gunner, Skout, and Creed…some handsome brothers right here!
Lubbock Children Photographer_0002Lubbock Children Photographer_0003Now for the girls of the family, Ruemer and LeJynd! Mom had these girls dressed so cute for their photo session, I love the stripes!Lubbock Children Photographer_0004Little LeJynd had me laughing the entire afternoon!Lubbock Children Photographer_0005Lubbock Children Photographer_0006Lubbock Children Photographer_0007Lubbock Children Photographer_0008Lubbock Children Photographer_0009Lubbock Children Photographer_0010Lubbock Children Photographer_0011Lubbock Children Photographer_0012Lubbock Children Photographer_0013Lubbock Children Photographer_0014I mean…how cute is that?!Lubbock Children Photographer_0015Lubbock Children Photographer_0016

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Lubbock Holiday Photos

I’m so happy to post these fun holiday photos of the McElroy family! These kids are some of the sweetest, most polite kids you will ever meet. Mallory picked the perfect color scheme for holiday pictures: gold and black! We started at Eric’s office for some fun family photos with different backgrounds. Lubbock Holiday Photos_0001Lubbock Holiday Photos_0002Lubbock Holiday Photos_0003Lubbock Holiday Photos_0004Lubbock Holiday Photos_0005Ryder and River are the best big brothers to sweet Harper!
Lubbock Holiday Photos_0006Lubbock Holiday Photos_0007Lubbock Holiday Photos_0008Lubbock Holiday Photos_0009Lubbock Holiday Photos_0010Lubbock Holiday Photos_0011

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Western Engagement Photos

I was so lucky to be able to capture some amazing images of Brandon and Shelby! Shelby had found the perfect locations for their western engagement photos. They also brought along some pretty sweet pets, that made for the perfect engagement session! Brandon and Shelby are getting married in just a few short weeks in Las Vegas, does that not sound like a blast!

Western Engagement Photos_0001Western Engagement Photos_0002Western Engagement Photos_0003Western Engagement Photos_0004Western Engagement Photos_0005Brandon had picked out a great spot to grab some quick photos before the sun set, I love how they turned out!Western Engagement Photos_0006Western Engagement Photos_0007Western Engagement Photos_0008Western Engagement Photos_0009Western Engagement Photos_0010

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Lubbock Area Baby Photographer

Meet Ellie Marie Kirby! She is the sweetest little thing. I’ve been able to love on her quite a bit over the past few weeks. Kobi and Reagan are the best big sister’s! I know they have been having so much fun with a new sister in the house.Lubbock area baby photographer_0003This crown was adorable! Abby had bought it just for Ellie’s newborn pictures, and it was perfect!Lubbock area baby photographer_0008Lubbock area baby photographer_0009Lubbock area baby photographer_0012

Lubbock area baby photographer_0011

Lubbock area baby photographer_0006Our good friend Camille had given Abby this adorable handmade cow hat at the baby shower!Lubbock area baby photographer_0007Lubbock area baby photographer_0010

Lubbock area baby photographer_0005
Lubbock area baby photographer_0004
Lubbock area baby photographer_0001

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Lubbock Area Photographer

I always have a blast at photoshoots of the Pool family! Their twin girls are so sweet, and always up for an adventure. Ashley had the perfect spots around the family farm for the photos. Lubbock Area Photographer_0001Meet Maddox, he is all boy trying to hold his own with his twin sisters! You can tell he loves to be around the farm with Dad. Lubbock Area Photographer_0002We have to get a shot of the twins like this every year! Lubbock Area Photographer_0003Lubbock Area Photographer_0004Lubbock Area Photographer_0005Lubbock Area Photographer_0006Jordan had an unbelievable old red tractor, it made great photos for the Christmas season! Lubbock Area Photographer_0007Lubbock Area Photographer_0008Lubbock Area Photographer_0009Lubbock Area Photographer_0010Lubbock Area Photographer_0011Lubbock Area Photographer_0012

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